Bulldog secures swathe of partners for EA’s upcoming video game release Anthem

Bulldog Licensing has secured a swathe of licensing deals for EA’s upcoming videogame release, Anthem ahead of the title’s launch this year.

Four deals have been signed in total, with Level UP Wear, Rubber Road, Trademark Products and Abysse Corp all coming on board with the anticipated release. Each licensee is planning a multi-product range covering apparel, accessories and giftware.

Anthem has had the gaming community in a buzz since its announcement a number of years ago. The game is set on a world left unfinished by the Gods, where a shadowy faction threatens all of humankind.

The Freelancers are the only line of defense between the villains and the ancient technology they desire to get their hands on.

The game sees players join up to three others and assemble high tech, handcrafted exosuits which enable them to explore vast ruins, battle deadly enemies and claim otherworldly artefacts.

“The fact that we are announcing such a number and variety of new partners illustrates the appetite for this highly anticipated game,” said Bulldog retail licensing manager, Lindsey Chester.

“This is undoubtedly just the start of the licensing programme, as this brand has great potential to build and extend into other categories.”

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