Bulldog signs as agent for the Enid Blyton estate

Bulldog Licensing now represents the estate of children’s author Enid Blyton.

As the author behind book series such as The Famous Five, Brer Rabbit and The Secret Seven, Blyton’s books sell in huge numbers and she regularly features in the top ten list of the best-selling authors in the UK. 

The licensing programme will launch next year and initially concentrate on The Famous Five, which celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2017.

The first wave of products will use a style guide featuring the original illustrations by Eileen Soper. Bulldog will then look to expand across The Secret Seven and other titles in the estate.

“Enid Blyton occupies a very special place in British culture and her work is familiar to millions, across all age groups,” said Bulldog MD Rob Corney.

“This gives us a very strong platform and we’re looking to develop ranges that appeal to adults who grew up with the books, as well as children discovering them for the first time.”

Katie Price, licensing director at The Hachette Children’s Group, added: “Working with Bulldog, we intend to extend the charm, friendliness and magic of Enid Blyton beyond her classic books to other licenses.

"Next year’s 75th anniversary of The Famous Five provides the perfect moment for Bulldog to launch an initial range of nostalgia products for the adult gift market using Eileen Soper’s iconic artwork, which naturally lends itself to categories including vintage gifts, stationery, greeting cards, calendars and home wear.”

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