Cartoon Network launches online Adventure Time game

Cartoon Network Games has launced an online Adventure Time in the form of Adventure Time Battle Party.

Adventure Time Battle Party is a team-based online action game featuring a range of Adventure Time characters.

The game is free, while character outfits and other items are available for purchase with in-game currency.

Players must battle it out as part of an experiment by Princess Bubblegum to find out why there’s fighting in the Land of Ooo.

Each fighter has a unique set of powers and a different play-style to master, and players can fight as one of 15 characters including Finn, Jake, Lemongrab, Lumpy Space Princess and Peppermint Butler.

Players can earn outfits for their champions as well as different Adventure Time weapons, magic amulets, and other iconic Ooo items.

The game is now live in the United States and is set to launch globally throughout 194 countries this year.

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