Cartoon Network on why 2016 is set to be a major year for The Amazing World of Gumball

How have things been for The Amazing World of Gumball?

Well it continues to amaze us. The show is a top performer on Cartoon Network and a real fan favourite for boys, girls and parents alike. Every new series exceeds our ambitious expectations in terms of audience engagement. The critics love it too. Last November, Gumball scooped the Best Animation Award at the Children’s BAFTAs bringing its total number of industry awards to 11. The licensing programme is in its infancy, but the show’s endearing cast of characters coupled with our brand new style guide means there is great scope for product this year. Back to school and fashion are leading the launch phase, but we’re already placing publishing and everyday gifting at retail.

Do you think 2016 will be the biggest year yet for The Amazing World of Gumball?

For sure. Gumball’s ratings continue to grow and the audience has really connected with its original style of 2D and 3D animation on live action backgrounds. We’ll even see Gumball come to life at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai. The demand for consumer products is growing with both boys and girls and we are working closely with our licensees in the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Middle East, to name a few, to bring many of the much-loved and identifiable aspects of the show to life through fun product execution.

How big has the TV space been for The Amazing World of Gumball?

Gumball is the only animated family sitcom for kids that offers a warm hearted, humorous and surreal kids’ perspective on everyday life, in a way that both they and their families can relate to. It is random, unpredictable and irreverently funny, a winning combination that continues to draw millions of viewers to the small screen. Q3 2015 saw more than 48 million viewers tune in across EMEA – a new record for the show.

What are your plans for the brand? What does 2016 have in store?

Apart from our theme park and the EMEA CP rollout, on the broadcast side, a brand new series will be on air later this year.

Are there any new areas you will be exploring in the licensing space in the future?

I expect that the success we saw in 2015 in Poland with event licensing will mean that consumers will be seeing more of Gumball in unexpected places this year. Watch this retail space.

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