Cartoon Network partners with Outright Games to develop new Ben 10 video game

Cartoon Network has struck up a partnership with the family entertainment publisher Outright Games to develop and launch a new video game set within the world of Ben 10.

Developed by the Philadelphia-based studio PHL Collective, the new video game title will launch on consoles and PC later this year.

Since its launch in 2005, Ben 10 has evolved into one of the world’s most recognisable children’s animated franchises and is currently recognised as Cartoon Network’s longest running franchise. The show follows 10-year old Ben Tennyson after he obtains an alien device called the Omnitrix, that allows him to change into ten different alien life forms.

Meanwhile, Outright Games has earned a reputation for bringing the most popular kids’ stories to life, and with this new game set in the wildly popular Ben 10 franchise; it is looking to cement its position as a leading global publisher of family friendly interactive entertainment.

“We are thrilled to be working with Cartoon Network again to create a brand new Ben 10 game,” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “Returning to the world of Ben 10 is something we’ve been keen to do for a while. The response from fans has been incredibly positive and we are so glad to work with Cartoon Network and continue to develop this ongoing partnership.”

Outright Games is a global video games publisher founded in 2016. In four short years, the firm has established itself as a recognised name in video game development, working with popular IP including Adventure Time, Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Onboard, and Dragons: Dawn of New Risers with NBCUniversal.

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