Cartoon Network turns to Australia for home made animation in Asia Pacific

Cartoon Network is to launch four Australian-made animation projects as part of its 2016 programming line-up across the Asia Pacific region.

Sitting alongside its roster of original titles such as We Are Bears, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time and Ben 10 will be a number of Australian-grown comedies from creators across the country.

Sydney-produced Bill & Tony and The Sketchy Show are both short-form comedy series commissioned by Cartoon Network.

Lasso & Comet has also been accepted by Carton Network Studio’s international shorts programme with a short soon to go into production. The studio has also greenlit a pilot for Monster Beach: The Series.

Mark Eyers, chief content officer for Turner’s kids’ channels in Asia Pacific, including Cartoon Network and Boomerang, said: “We are looking to build on our success with Exchange Student Zero and Monster Beach, and develop more Australian made content using our virtual studio model approach.

“The level of professionalism of the creators, the creative culture and understanding of comedy animation that can be exported around the world, are all reasons for tapping into this impressive talent pool.”

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