CBS celebrates a decade of Dexter with app puzzle game Dexter: Slice

CBS Consumer Products is celebrating a decade of the popular Showtime television series Dexter with the launch of a new puzzle game app titled Dexter: Slice. 

Available to iOS and Android, the game enables players to live vicariously through the character Dexter Morgan as they test their own adeptness at the use of multiple blades and knives. 

The app game will feature the voice of Dexter actors James Remar and Michael C Hall, who will also lend his voice talents to add-on content this December, available at no extra cost to those who purchase the game beforehand. 

Under license by CBS Consumer Products and Showtime, all 120 levels are available now, in time for Halloween, $3.99. 

“I think Dexter’s fans will get excitement—they’ll get back into the head of Dexter,” said Remar. “It’s a very personal, first-person kind of experience where the people actually get to be Dexter, with the voice of Harry in the background. 

"I get to have that little rapport with Dex that was so much fun for me to play when I was actually doing the show. It’s almost like I never left.”

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