China, Japan and Mexico round-out Licensing Expo’s growing global reach

Licensing Expo 2018 is growing its international reach, with more global brands, licensors and licensees that previous years have seen.

International pavilions such as China, Japan and Mexico are each witnessing increased numbers with new international exhibitors such as TOHO, Spin Master and Van Gogh Museum joining the fold.

They will join well-known international licensing veterans like Sanrio, Rovio, Rainbow and Smiley as well as a multitude of exhibitors from Argentina, Canda, Finland, Italy, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico and elsewhere.

According to the 2017 Annual LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey, the US remains the largest market for the sales of brand licensed products, representing around 55 per cent of the $262bn global market in 2016.

“As the world becomes smaller via the digital landscape, intellectual properties know no boundaries. Consumers hold affinity for brands, wherever they may be, and they’re willing to show their support and appreciation,” said Jessica Blue, senior vice president, Global Licensing Group, UBM.

“We are proud to host international exhibitors and pavilions that are bringing a varied roster of brands and properties to the licensing industry’s biggest stage.” 

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