Chuggington teams with Smile Train to champion cleft lip and palate repair

Chuggington is partnering with the children’s charity Smile Train to help raise awareness for cleft lip and palate repair and related treatment.

The new partnership will see the roll out of numerous initiatives aimed at connecting and engaging advocates with one another and driving awareness around their goals.

Chuggington’s mission through the programme is to support the children’s social, emotional and personal development through narratives and promote positive values such as problem solving and self-belief.

"We are excited and grateful to partner with Chuggington and tap into its powerful storytelling devices to raise awareness for the vital cause of cleft lip and palate repair," said Smile Train CEO, Susannah Schaefer.

"Cleft is far more cosmetic but also impairs eating, breathing and speaking and can lead to a life filled with shame and social isolation. Surgery can cost as little as £150, can take 45 minutes to perform and the impact is life-changing for children, families and communities at large."

Katie Rollings, brand and marketing director at Ludorum, brand owner of Chuggingtons, added: "From one train to another, we are proud to nominate Smile Train as our official charity partner and look forward to working with them to increase awareness of the vital work they provide and help reach more children with clefts across the world."

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