Clintons rolls out own label chocolate bars

Clintons is set to boost its entrance into the chocolate market, with its own line of luxury chocolates.

Dubbed Cocoa Paradise, the new bars will be available exclusively in the retailer across the UK.

The line of chocolates are made from cocoa beans sourced from farms around the world, including Madagascar, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.

“Our Cocoa Paradise brand is unique in its taste and its packaging, offering customers high quality chocolate, globally sourced, with an exciting variety of flavours to suit all tastes,” said Tim Fairs, VP of marketing and e-commerce at Clintons Cards.“

“It’s a perfect fit with our greetings range and expands our brand in parallel with our popular sweet shop.”

With plans to capitalise on the bustling chocolate industry, Clintons is using the chocolate to develop its range of confectionery products. 

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