CN launches first location-based VR title, We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush

Cartoon Network has launched its first location-based Virtual Reality title, a multi-player game based on the award winning animated series, We Bare Bears.

Called We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush, two to three players take on the roles of the bear brothers of the series to operate a food truck together. The goal is to cook and serve food to as many customers as possible before time runs out.

The game has been created by Cartoon Network in partnership with WePlayVR developer AiSolve and the Philadelphia-based game studio PHL Collective.

WePlayVR is a free-roaming virtual reality arena with a haptic floor that provides in-game feedback. Players muse use the arena to complete complex orders and avoid kitchen mishaps.

WePlayVR currently has locations in London, Dubai, New Zealand, Seattle and more. Food Truck Rush is the first third-party to launch on AiSolve’s platform.

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