Corsair Toiletries on its licensing strategy, top brands and 2015 growth

How has 2015 been for Corsair in the licensing space?

2015 has been a year of significant growth for Corsair, driven by a number of new successful brands, such as Minions and Frozen, and thanks to our heavy investments in re-design and promotions of our existing ranges.

This investment in existing brands should generate additional growth through the remainder of 2015, and further still throughout 2016, and into 2017. We expect to see further growth.

What brands have been popular for you this year?

Minions and Frozen are the real winners this year, however Marvel’s Avengers still shows good growth. The revamp of the Umbro sports range will start to show dividends from the autumn.

We have also been pleasantly surprised by the increase in distribution and sales of our Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe Fragrance and Cosmetic ranges. We are planning further investment in these two brands, on the back of this additional interest.

Are there still brands you feel Corsair would be a great fit for?

There are always brands we feel are a good fit for what we do, with regards to product offer and retail distribution.

We have a strategy which includes looking for brands which are not quite on the radar. We’ve identified a number, which we feel offer sustainability, over a minimum five year period. We’re actively working with the brand owners, at the moment, with a view to launching in 2017; it is part of our medium term strategy.

What do you look for in a partner?

Ideally, a partner who understands the value of investment in range building and retail promotional activity, and one who supports us on this.

We are fortunate that our licensors recognise this value and work alongside us to help us develop winning and innovative ranges.

What does next year have in store for Corsair with regards to licensing?

We’ve been working with licensors since late last year to identify the brands we want to work on, develop existing properties and broaden our product offering for the next three years.

With this in mind, we have already signed a number of new brands for 2016 through to 2019; these new properties will strengthen our position as the UK’s number one distributor of licensed toiletries by increasing our retail offer across a greater age range and by adding more value.

We’re also making a significant move into the pre-school sector and are excited with the brands we’ve signed into for this diversification. We have already received some very positive feedback from both customers and licensors regarding our new direction.

We’re also growing our teen and adult fragrance and cosmetic offer, working with several global brands; this will see us establish a strong presence within this retail area.

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