Reboot: The Guardian Code is now being developed by Mainframe Entertainment.

Corus Entertainment greenlights Reboot reimagining

CG-animated television series Reboot is being given new life, as Corus Entertainment greenlights a 26 episode reimagining of the show.

The new version – titled Reboot: The Guardian Code – will be developed by Mainframe Entertainment and will blend live-action with CG animation.

The original Reboot series recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and originally premiered on Corus’ kids’ channel YTV in 1994 and aired until 2001.

“We are thrilled to be working with Mainframe to bring back an exciting, new, reimagined version of this classic animated series to Corus Entertainment,” said Jamie Piekarz, director of content, Corus Kids.

“The new Reboot will feature the same action and comedy that viewers loved in the original series, but with an updated technological universe that will fascinate a new generation of kids.”

Created by Michael Hefferon, Reboot: The Guardian Code is based on the original Reboot series by Gavin Blair, John Grace, Phil Mitchell and Ian Pearson. A first of its kind in 1994, the series followed the adventures of Guardians who battled viruses inside computer systems.

“Twenty years later, Reboot: The Guardian Code upgrades that concept for today’s tech savvy kids,” read a statement from Corus Entertainment.

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