Crayola ignites nostalgia with Clinique crayon lipsticks

A childhood dream has finally come true, thanks to Crayola’s latest collaboration with cosmetics company, Clinique.

Designed to evoke a sense of ‘nostalgia with adults who played with Crayola crayons as kids’, the company expects to witness huge success with the line at retail.

“Based on the large amount of impressions and the consumer excitement we’ve had through social media, we expect the collection to be a huge success at retail,” Kellee Hartman, manager for outbound licensing at Crayola US, told ToyNews.

“Not only does Clinique bring accessibility and a remarkable reputation as a beauty brand leader to retail, but their Chubby Stick lip colour shape evokes a crayon in its silhouette.”

Boasting a selection of colours including Razzmatazz, Tickle Me Pink, Mango Tango and more, the two companies took inspiration from the love of colouring in, which helped fuel decisions for the lipstick line.

Hartman continued: “We worked closely together to bring the colours of Crayola to life, expanding the experience and joy of colouring to be a part of everyday personal beauty with a fun, whimsical approach.”

And when asked what her favourite colour is, a crimson hue beats the rest. Hartman declared: “Wild Strawberry – because it’s such a vibrant colour and evokes memories from my childhood.”

Since the Chubby Stick resembles a crayon, coupled with the fact that the firm understands the beauty market and what consumers want, it seems Clinique was the ideal partner for Crayola’s plans.

Warren Schorr, VP of business development and global licensing at Crayola, added: "We’re so excited to partner with Clinique on this limited edition Chubby Stick lip colour collection. The company’s commitment to the brand and Crayola’s stewardship in colour and quality makes this a truly ideal partnership.”

The ten colours are currently available for fans to snap up from Selfridges and Clinique stores.

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