Creative Licensing brings Escape From New York watch to Kickstarter

Creative Licensing has teamed with Ridgewood Watch Company to launch an Escape From New York watch on Kickstarter.

In John Carpenter’s Escape from New York, Snake Plissken has 24 hours to rescue the President from the country’s largest prison, New York City. The United States Police Force gives Snake a gun, a two-way radio and a countdown watch – called the Lifeclock One – to complete the mission.

A near-replica version of the Lifeclock One is now available to buy initially from Kickstarter, and it has a countdown timer and is also a smartwatch that can be paired with an iOS or Android device.

The campaign has raised $80,000 from a goal of $200,000, and there is 27 days left to pledge.

Check out the campaign video for the Lifeclock One below:

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