Curious Zelda strikes book deal, will it be next cute pet hit for licensing?

It’s been a while since the world went mad for another cute pet with a frighteningly large Twitter following, so it seems perfect timing for the launch of Curious Zelda.

Sphere is publishing the first book of the London rescue cat – called Curious Zelda – whose startled look has attracted a following of more than 80,000 feline fanatics on Twitter.

Rhiannon Smith, the senior commissioning editor at Little, Brown, acquired world rights at auction for The Adventures of a Curious Cat from Zelda and her owner Matt Taghioff from Juliet Mushens at Caskie Mushens.

The new book is being billed as “the perfect gift for cat lovers or for giving advice to the favourite feline in your life.” It will be available in hardback and e-book form by autumn next year.

According to Little, Brown, The Adventures of a Curious Cat will “detail all of Zelda’s escapades and give an insight into her unique view of the world.” There will be sections on Living with Humans, Dating, Travel, Cooking and Clawing the Furniture, all accompanied by line drawings.

Zelda’s owner, Taghioff, said: “I am thrilled that my cat managed to get a book deal. As she is currently unable to hold a pen, I am honoured to share Zelda’s wild ideas with more people than ever, working with the creative, cat-loving team at Sphere.”

Mushes, Zelda and Taghioff’s agent, added: “As someone who is owned by two cats, I have always wanted to help usher a feline book into the world – Zelda is hilarious, existential and insightful, and I am excited for her to grow her already sizeable audience of fans.”

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