Joint MD David Aykroyd also reveals which DC Super Hero he would be and why.

DC SUPER HEROES MONTH: Aykroyd & Sons on why Batman onesies will be a hit this Christmas

What makes you a good fit for the DC Super Heroes brand?

DC Super Heroes are a perfect fit for nightwear, both kids and adults love the brand.

What DC Super Heroes products do you sell and what have been your bestsellers?

We sell DC Super Heroes pyjamas and onesies to almost every High Street retailer. Batman onesies are all the rage this Christmas.

What makes the brand desirable to you as a partner?

The look and creative is excellent and this coupled with a near 100 per cent awareness of the characters makes DC Super Heroes a must have.

Can you tell us anything about future DC ranges you are working on?

As we design and manufacture exclusively by phase, by season, by retailer we are constantly updating our products.

If you could be any of the DC Super Heroes, who would you be and why?

Whichever Super Hero Wonder Woman falls in love with!

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