Deer Little Forest makes debut at Bologna Book Fair with early learning line

Koko Rose Media is to present a new line of original baby book concepts inspired by the popular Deer Little Forest brand at this year’s Bologna Book Fair.

The new titles have been developed with Ingrid Selberg Consulting, a new outfit headed by the former managing director of Simon & Schuster’s Children’s Division, Ingrid Selberg.

The early learning concepts will feature original renditions of classic 0 to three year old themes as well as the cast of popular characters from the Deer Little Forest world including Rowan Fox, Barley-Crumb Badger and more.

The Deer Little Forest concept is the brainchild of the Henrie-nominated illustrator, Jo Rose.

“Jo’s new illustrations and designs take an evergreen genre and make it distinctly her own,” said Selberg.

“Her style is imaginative and eclectic, standing out amongst a very creative crowd, bringing a genuinely fresh and unparalleled style to the book shelf. The popularity of Jo’s designs in other product categories shows how irresistible her artwork is – and will be in picture books as well.”

Illustrator, Jo Rose, added: “Every curious kid start off his or her reading journey with lovely early learning books – which often get read over and over again.

“As a parent and artist, I want to create characters that help children fall in love with the fun and adventure of books and learning – and entertain their parents as well.”

The Deer Little Forest brand is now represented by licensing agents across 27 countries and the debut of the property at Bologna Book Fair follows the successful launch of the brand in Asia at the Hong Kong Licensing Show in January.

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