DHX and Paragon prep indoor attractions for Teletubbies, In the Night Garden, Twirlywoos

DHX Brands and their appointed design-and-build collaborator, Paragon Creative have developed design solutions for indoor attractions ready to take to market featuring characters from popular children’s shows Teletubbies, In the Night Garden and Twirlywoos.

Each concept brings the properties to life, featuring iconic elements from each series. Children will be able to walk amongst the Teletubbies’ Home Dome, through the Night Garden, and play with elements from the Twirlywoos’ Big Red Boat, as they are immersed in fully themed experiences.

"This is a very exciting time for DHX Brands as we see these iconic characters come to life through branded attractions," explained Danielle Tanton, live events and attractions manager at DHX Brands. "Paragon Creative have worked very closely with both our design and commercial teams to produce concepts that not only deliver truly magical experiences mirroring the worlds of each of our properties but also meet operator expectations to make these projects viable. We can’t wait to see these experiences blossom.”

“Over the past eight months we have been working closely with DHX Brands to design extraordinary In the Night Garden, Twirlywoos and Teletubbies activity-based attractions," added Mark Pyrah, Paragon’s founder and development director.

"We feel there is a large gap in the market for exciting branded play and these three brands, without doubt, are perfect to fill that gap. The design solutions for each of the three brands are very distinctive, each with a unique feel, from sensory spaces to play spaces and educational options. Best of all, the designs are modular, so each property can work on its own for smaller branded play opportunities or together for a larger attraction.” 

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