DHX Brands extends master toy partnership for Teletubbies

DHX Brands has extended its master toy partnership with Character Options for its hit pre-school Teletubbies.

Following the current toy range’s success at retail, DHX has licensed out the property to the UK toy manufacturer for a further three years.

The deal, which now runs until 2020, is for worldwide manufacturing rights with UK distribution and will se Character Options adding further plush and plastic toys to the range. New lines will be inspired by new elements from season two, which launched earlier this year.

Further Tiddlytubbies toys are also being developed following their initial launch this month.

The Teletubbies product range became the number one best-selling new toy property in the UK last year, with overall sales now up 36 per cent in value and 23 per cent up in units from the same period in 2016.

Tom Roe, commercial director at DHX Brands, said: “As we continue to grow the overall licensing programme for Teletubbies, it is imperative that we build on the strong sales of core categories. Character Options has done a superb job with the toy line and we are excited about the new product to come that will complement the current broadcast season.

“We are confident that our continued relationship will see Teletubbies toys go from strength to strength at retail.”

Jerry Healy, group marketing director for Character Options, added: “We are delighted to have renewed our contract for worldwide manufacturing rights with UK distribution.

“Since its launch in January 2016, Teletubbies sales in the UK have continued to grow and the brand is becoming a staple.

“We believe it will be in our portfolio for many years to come. The new series captures the imagination of children and provides us with a wealth of environment and characters to expand our product range and grow sales even further.” 

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