DHX Brands’ Tom Roe on the toy potential of Airmageddon

What are your thoughts on the partnership with the BBC for the new show Airmageddon?

We are delighted to be teaming up with the BBC and Conceive Media to produce Airmageddon. The show has been created by Steve Carsey, one of the brains behind the original Robot Wars, so it’s guaranteed to be full of high-octane action.

The BBC has an unrivalled track record in producing distinctive, high-quality, large-scale entertainment shows and it’s great to be able to draw on all their experience, plus our expertise in the children’s market, to help make Airmaggedon a massive success.

What licensing agreements have been made for the show so far?

Obviously it’s very early days for the show. Production only started in December and it is due to transmit in February, but we are already talking to partners about how we can bring the sheer excitement, creativity and distinctiveness of Airmageddon to the consumer products market. We see great potential for boys aged from six to nine-years-old as the core market, but it would be by no means restricted to that.

Can we expect to see any toys soon?

Again it’s very early days but we see great potential for toys. There is already a huge buzz out there for toy drones and Airmageddon’s distinctive and characterful resident drones – W.A.S.P, P.I.G, D.R.A.G.O.N and the Guards and Air Marshalls ­– have the potential to translate brilliantly to this category. But we don’t just see the potential in toys and are actively developing options across a number of categories.

What are your expectations for the show?

We are incredibly excited about Airmageddon and think it’s going to take DHX Brands into a completely new sphere. Once viewers see the combination of scale and spectacle, whizzbang technology, competition and technical mastery – plus the odd crash or two – I think it’s going to excite and ignite them and see Airmageddon really take off (if you’ll excuse the pun).

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