DHX Media’s Endangered Species goes global

DHX Media has secured a swathe of international broadcast and video on demand deals for its popular comedy series Endangered Species.

The series will now air across seven new territories, including the UK where it has been picked up by CBBC, Latin America with Turner Broadcasting System and Gulli Russia across Russia.

Plus Plus Channel has also acquired the series for its Ukraine audience, Zoom in Israel, Daekyo Kids TV in South Korea and iflix in South East Asia.

The series follows the adventures of Pickle, Merl and Gull – a bunny, a squirrel and a seagull who are constantly on the verge of catastrophic extinction through comical misadventure.

Steven DeNure, president and COO at DHX Media, said: “One of the key drivers in our acquisition of Nerd Corps in 2014 was the quality of their kids’ entertainment slate with Endangered Species among other standout titles.

“We are pleased to see that enthusiasm from international broadcasters for this series matches our own. Kids around the globe will no doubt be happily enthralled by the escapades of this hilarious and unlikely trio.”

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