Cypher Entertainment and Tek Nek to create a range of products for kids designed to 'inspire interest and curiosity in the world around them'.

Discovery Communications signs new Discovery Kids partnerships

Discovery Communications has signed two new partnerships under its Discovery Kids brand with Cypher Entertainment and Tek Nek.

The firms will develop products for kids designed to ‘inspire interest and curiosity in the world around them’.

Cypher Entertainment will create a line of augmented reality 3D Jurassic Action toys that will allow users to immerse themselves in a prehistoric world with mobile devices. 

The products, the Dino Excavation Kit and Interactive Dinosaur Kit, will use augmented reality technology to bring to life an interactive 3D dinosaur via any smartphone mobile device.

The Excavation Kit allows kids to step into the shoes of an archaeologist to use enclosed digging tools and protective glasses to excavate fossilized bones and reconstruct their dinosaur.

Tek Nek Toys will introduce a new line of outdoor adventure and role play products with an aim of promoting nature exploration and bug observation.

Products include a ride-on vehicle, as well as outdoor discovery toys such as a bug vacuum, light-up viewing scope, big pocket vest, wrist watch/compass, periscope, magnifying glass, creature catcher net and pop-up critter hamper.

The line will also include an electronic talking puzzle map of the United States and a number of play sets designed to let kids step into the roles of firefighters, police officers, soldiers and handymen.

The products will be available across mass market retailers, specialty retail stores, toy stores, consumer electronic stores, mid-tier department stores and internet retailers.

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