Discovery partners with app game developers for My Town Discovery

The global digital games series My Town has secured a new partnership with Discovery to launch My Town Discovery across Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.

The new cross-over title will debut on December 20th this year as a seven day free trial before allowing players to ‘join the club’ with a monthly subscription fee.

The game will deliver specially branded Discovery #mindblown content to players, offering ‘did you know…’ facts to young learners. Initially, there will be no in-app purchases and more games are scheduled to be added in coming months.

In My Town Discovery, players choose which friends to hang out with and where they want to have their adventures. Players can hit the shops or have a burger, before visiting the Special Discovery Museum where they can learn about aeroplanes, visit the library, the park or build a treehouse.

The game is slated for a wider roll out in January 2019.

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