Disney launches first Mulan trailer during Women’s World Cup Final

Disney has launched the first trailer for its live-action remake of its popular 1998 animated film, Mulan.

The first-look trailer was aired during the half-time break of the FIFA Women’s World Cup final on Sunday, July 7, which witnessed the USA triumph over Holland.

Directed by Niki Caro and written by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, the live-action film is based on the 1998 animated film.

Similar to the animated version, Mulan will tell the story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man to take the place of her elderly father in the military.

Mulan will be played by the Chinese star Liu Yifei, known for her roles in The Forbidden Kingdom and Outcast.

Mulan is slated to hit cinemas on March 27, 2020.

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