Disney-Netflix partnership back on?

Disney might not be pulling its content from Netflix, afterall.

Contrary to recent reports, Disney has revealed it is still in talks with the online streaming service having declared its intentions to pull all content from the platform by the end of 2019.

Disney’s Marvel films and TV series, along with its Star Wars canon in the US could now be sticking with the Netflix distribution channel beyond 2019.

Last week, Disney stated that it is planning on launching its own, rival streaming platform – separate to the UK’s DisneyLife service for kids. It was expected to switch all content to the new service from 2019.

However, new reports state that the two companies are still in talks, with the potential for Netflix to retain some Disney content beyond the launch of an alternative platform.

Disney originally announced its intention to withdraw content from Netflix during an earnings report on August 8th. It revealed that it will launch its own rival in 2019, separate to the ESPN streaming it is also developing and DisneyLife.

While talks continue, Disney has revealed that consumers can expect its upcoming streaming service to include new Disney films and other movies from the Disney library as well as Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD programming. It is unclear how this will affect DisneyLife.

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