Halloween special will air on Sky Movies Disney on October 26th

Disney reveals first clip of Toy Story of Terror

Disney Pixar has revealed the first clip from upcoming TV special Toy Story of Terror.

This 30-minute Halloween TV special will air in the UK on Sky Movies Disney on October 26th.

The new adventure sees Woody, Buzz and the gang head off on a road trip before ending up at a roadside motel. When one toy goes missing, the rest must solve the Halloween mystery before more of them suffer the same fate.

Toy Story of Terror has already been used by Sky to promote Sky’s broadband service Sky Fibre.

Since the last feature-length adventure, the world of Toy Story has continued to grace the big screen in a number of short ‘Toy Story Toons’ playing in cinemas before other Disney movies.

To date, shorts titled Hawaiian Vacation played prior to Cars 2, Small Fry before The Muppets and Partysaurus Rex before this year’s 3D re-release of Finding Nemo.

Take a look at the Toy Story of Terror clip below:

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