Disney revives Tron franchise with new videogame

The Walt Disney Company has detailed its plans to resurrect the Tron franchise with the release of a new videogame titled Tron Run/r.

The move signals a ‘new direction’ for Disney Interactive as it partners with Sanzaru Games to create the new gaming title and thus bringing the franchise back to life after the plug was pulled on a third Tron movie.

Tron Run/r gives players the chance to run, ride and light disc their way through 32 levels of a redesigned virtual world inspired by the 1982 original Tron and the 2010 follow-up Tron: Legacy.

An early version of the game has been available on Steam since December, with the full version released for Steam and Playstation 4 this week. An Xbox One release will follow soon.

Chris Heatherly, Disney Mobile senior VP and general manager, said: “I want ot thank the fans who supported us in Early Access because without you Tron Run/r would not be releasing today.”

He added that the game’s success will help Disney Interactive plant more seeds like this in the future, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Check out the Tron Run/r launch trailer below:

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