Disney sets new company record for US box office takings

Disney has set a new company record for yearly box office takings in North America, passing the $1.5bn mark in 340 days, reports Screen.

July saw Disney become the first studio to reach the $1bn mark in the US box office, the eight consecutive year the company has managed it.

Disney then reached $2bn at the international box office in August in record time for the company, and in November, it reached a company record $2.302bn and passed its best worldwide mark of $3.791bn.

“We had an incredible collection of films in 2013 and our teams here and around the world worked very hard to bring these wonderful experiences to audiences,” said The Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn.

“As a result we are having a banner year at the domestic, international, and global box office, and we are very proud of this tremendous accomplishment and the people who made it possible.”

Iron Man 3 set the second biggest US opening weekend in history back in May before going on to gross $1.215bn worldwide while Monsters University scored the second biggest Pixar debut in June with $82.4m.

Other notable titles that have helped Disney reach the company milestone include Thor: The Dark World, Oz: The Great and Powerful and Frozen.

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