Mike Stagg, general manager, retail at The Walt Disney Company UK & Ireland explains how Frozen will be just as successful on DVD as it was on the big screen.

Disney’s Mike Stagg on how Frozen is set to be one of the decade’s biggest DVDs

Frozen has become the highest grossing animated film of all time. Do you think the home entertainment release can replicate this level of success?

In the US, Frozen sold over 3.2 million Blu-ray/DVD units in its first day, putting it on track to be one of the biggest home entertainment sellers in a decade and it has become the bestselling kids’ movie of all time on amazon.com. 

It’s too early for any sales figures in the UK as it only just launched on Blu-ray and DVD but there’s certainly a high level of buzz and excitement around it so I’m confident of continued success here.

Why do you think Frozen has captured the imagination with audiences in the way that it has?

Frozen has a great heart-warming story that the whole family can enjoy. 

It’s full of adventure and magic with wonderful characters that are also funny, such as the hilarious Olaf, which audiences are really connecting with. Plus the music is magnificent and proving incredibly popular. 

In the UK alone the song “Let It Go” has been streamed over two million times with Spotify soundtrack streams passing 7.5 million.

What campaigns and promotions are in place to ensure the home entertainment release is successful?

We’re running a TV campaign on both terrestrial and digital channels as well as national and consumer print advertising. There is also a lot of support across digital in addition to Disney’s owned media including Disney Channel and Disney online.

We have a lot of cross category support at multiple retailers including Asda, Tesco, Amazon and Toys ‘R’ Us and for one day only, Frozen is being sold from the frozen foods aisle at Sainsbury’s, Wandsworth, so shoppers can pick up their copy straight from the freezer whilst shopping for their frozen produce. This is the first time a film has been sold in this way. 

We’re always looking to bring Disney magic to families in new and innovative ways so we’re really excited about implementing this first of a kind piece of retail activity.

The Adopt a Snowman campaign will see a Frozen shop hit Covent Garden on the last day of winter. Do you expect the film’s popularity to be maintained to the end of the year? If so, how are you going about this?

We will be supporting Frozen throughout 2014, building up to Christmas and are confident it will continue to be a ‘must have’ product on many a wish list this year.

Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen were all successful at the box office, enjoyed Oscars buzz and were a hit with critics. Is this marking a new Golden Age similar to the 1989 –1999 period people have coined the ‘Disney Renaissance’?

Frozen’s success reflects Disney’s heritage in animation but also its continuing evolution from its roots in classic fairy tale storytelling towards more modern characters and themes.

We want our films to connect, surprise and touch people and these have really done that.

Do you expect the DVD/Blu-ray release to help boost Frozen’s other product ranges?

We’ve already seen strong sales for Frozen merchandise across all lines, from costumes and accessories to stationery and toys with top sellers including the Elsa and Anna costumes, Elsa and Anna dolls and Olaf plush.

With the launch of the Blu-ray and DVD and the continued support we are giving Frozen, this high demand looks set to continue.

How has the UK reacted to Frozen compared to the rest of the world?

The reaction in the UK has been fantastic, taking over £39 million at the box office and this phenomenal popularity has been seen around the world.

It is now the highest grossing animated film of all time, taking over $1 billion globally and has entered the list of the top 10 biggest films of all time.

In the US it remained in the top ten films at the box office for 16 consecutive weeks, the longest run by any film since 2002 and it has become the biggest Disney or Pixar animated film of all time in 27 territories, including Russia, China, and Brazil.

What has been Disney’s most successful home entertainment release in the UK so far, and do you think Frozen can surpass that?

To date in the UK this is The Lion King. Will Frozen surpass that? Watch this space!

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