Dog Loves Books series heads to CBeebies

Komixx Media Group has revealed that CBeebies have come on board as the primary broadcaster for Dog Loves Books, an animated series based on the award-winning books by Louise Yates.

Dog Loves Books tells the story of bookshop owner Dog and his best friend Pug. Whenever Dog or Pug have a problem or a question, they look for the answer in one of their beloved books. The series is aimed at four to six year olds.

The series has been developed by Komixx’s head of development, Melanie Halsall and award-winning screenwriter Alan Gilbey, who will be the head writer on the series.

“We are delighted to commit to Dog Loves Books, it presents a brilliant opportunity to introduce our audience to literature," said Jackie Edwards, executive producer, CBeebies.

"We love the way the format quite literally brings books alive in the exciting and exhilarating adventures of Dog and Pug.”

Andrew Cole-Bulgin, joint CEO and head of film and television, Komixx Media Group, added: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to take such a lovable picture book and turn it into an exciting adventure series for Cbeebies. The books have been a huge success and we are confident that the series will follow the same pattern.”

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