Don’t miss the chance to feature in the Boys’ Market special

Don’t miss the opportunity to feature your brands in the Boys’ Month special this November. is championing some of the most well-known brands from the boys’ market next month, with a dedicated Hot Brands e-blast.

The e-blast, which will be sent out twice in November to 15,000 active subscribers from the licensing community, will offer you the chance to showcase the boys’ market related brands set to make a big impact this year and next.

To get involved, all we need is 100 words, a hi-res image, licensing contact details and a URL link.

You will also receive an in-depth interview piece of advocacy piece in conjunction with a licensee or retailer of your boys’ market brand. This will be published at the top of the daily newsletter and braded as a recommended story on

Space will be limited so contact Jholdway@nbmedia now to find out more and how to get involved.

Copy deadline for the e-blast is November 3rd.

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