Éditions AdA signs French-speaking rights to The Red Harlequin series

Canadian publishing group Éditions AdA has acquired Of Masks and Chromes and The Kingdom of Deceit, the first two novels in Robert Ricci’s fantasy series, The Red Harlequin.

Mylène Archambault, rights director at Éditions AdA, acquired all French-speaking rights in a deal with Lisa Hryniewicz, head of rights at Koko Media, literary agent for Ricci.

The first two books in the series will be heading to France, Belgium, Canada, French Speaking Switzerland, and French Territories.

With around 300 new books per year Éditions AdA holds co-edition rights to other popular titles including the Divergent trilogy and the Sweep series.

“It’s with great excitement that The Red Harlequin’s teenage hero makes us embark on an adventure, somewhere unknown, exciting, mysterious and dark. ‘If you have followed me this far, then you know that my name is Asheva and that I am a Black Chrome’," said Archambault.

"The genius behind the storyline and the structural plot, happening in an alternate world divided by colours, where each person wears a mask to hide a reality that is not what is seems takes you to a time and space that you simply cannot forget. ‘Never give up – eventually even rivers can wash dams away.’"

The Red Harlequin is a series of fantasy novels aimed at 12 to 18 year olds, and Of Masks and Chromes and The Kingdom of Deceit are the first two books in a planned series of ten.

The series is being developed as a transmedia brand spanning music, licensing and film and the first song of a tie-in Hip Hop album, Behind the Mask, has been produced and will be released digitally on social media and other on-line platforms.

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