Edutainment Licensing secures partnership with Flossy and JIm

Edutainment Licensing has been named the global licensing agent for the award-winning brand, Flossy and Jim.

Flossy and Jim is built around a creative couple and the brand’s namesake, who produce various colourful and bold illustrations inspired by the pair’s coastal home in South Devon.

‘The business was started in May 2013 with the idea of creating a brand that made people feel good. All of the illustrations are created with this in mind, using bold, bright colours, comical iconic images and a feel good phrase,’ read a statement from the firm.

Edutainment Licensing has already secured the first partner for the Flossy and Jim brand: a deal with the UK confectionery specialist Boomf to create personalised marshamallows.

Flossy and Jim’s designs have also been used by the likes of Heat Magazine, Accessorize and Warehouse on various social media accounts. 

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