Efva Attling’s The Beatles jewellery collection finds global success

A jewellery collection designed by Swedish artist Efva Attling and inspired by the songs of The Beatles has been met with ‘huge international demand.’

A partnership between the Scandinavian designer and the Nordic licensing agency Bulls Licensing was proposed in November last year to develop a collection of 14 pieces based on hit titles by the iconic band.

Billed as a ‘stunning success’ the line went on to exceed the expectations of both Bulls Licensing and Attling.

“We couldn’t predict the success – it’s fantastic,” said Attling. “Because of the huge demand we now have a two-month long waiting list.”

‘In the same was as the Beatles combined their catchy music with poignant lyrics, Attling is a master of combining her beautiful creations with a deeper meaning,’ read a statement from Bulls Licensing.

Today, the designer’s company boasts seven Efva Attlng stores internationally, 103 retailers in Sweden and 81 outlets across the globe.

‘Both of the brands have the core values of faith, hope, love, peace and a strong focus on humanity,’ continued Bulls Licensing. ‘Attling has with simple means created a beautiful and meaningful high-end jewellery collection inspired by The Beatles.’

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