Electrical specialist Benross teams with Wall’s

UK supplier of homewares and electricals, Benross is teaming up with British ice cream brand Wall’s.

The firm will bring a collection of Wall’s branded kitchen appliances to the home retail market. The range will consist of vintage-style milkshake makers, food blenders, electric mixers, electric whisks and DAB radios.

To celebrate the deal, Benross took to the streets in its own Wall’s-branded ice cream van to surprise locals near its Liverpool-based office with samples of the range – as well as free ice cream products.

The licence also extends to the brand’s ‘classic modern’ range, which includes mini fridges and slushie makers. These will incorporate a number of Wall’s nostalgic ice cream product brands such as Twister, Feast and Mini Milk.

Amit Juneja (pictured), sales director at Benross, said: "The Wall’s name is well known and trusted, making it a perfect brand to licence products with. We believe that this new range will generate a positive response from consumers, who we expect to make purchases based on their own nostalgic feelings to the brand.

"Benross’ understanding of the electrical appliance market allows us to bring the product to a mass audience, which we hope will aid the overall success of the collection."

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