4Kids ties Cabbage Patch clothing deal

Firm licences Europe's largest distributor of licensed music and character apparel, CID.
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With this year marking the 25th anniversary of Cabbage Patch Kids, 4Kids Entertainment Interactive has appointed Completely Independent Distribution to produce a range of clothing.

The target market for the line will be adults aged 25 and up - the first generation to experience Cabbage Patch Kids - and will include men's and women's t-shirts, adult men's and women's hooded tops and women's shoulder bags, all featuring photographic images of the Kids along with 80s taglines.

The range will also include baby all-in-one jumpsuits.

The deal covers a variety of territories including the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic among others. CID is planning to offer the range not only to its entertainment retail partners but also to High Street majors across Europe.

"There's a growing market for high quality clothing featuring designs with a nostalgic or retro appeal harking back to iconic brands - and they don't get much more iconic than the Cabbage Patch Kids," said Tara Simms, licensing manager at CID. "It's enormously exciting for us to be asked to bring apparel to market highlighting such a famous and well loved brand."

Stephen Gould, co-managing director at 4Kids, added: "The 25th anniversary of this globally famous brand is clearly something to celebrate - and CID's range of clothing does just that. We feel sure that the target market will welcome this range as they once did the original - with open arms."


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