APPAREL MONTH: JK Henderson picks up wildflower art

Watch specialist teams with Texas artist Linda Calvert Jacobson for new designs.
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For a third successive year, Texas-based artist Linda Calvert Jacobson has licensed her contemporary wildflower paintings to JK Henderson for a line of limited edition watches.

The new designs will be sold on satellite TV shopping channels in the UK from May.

The deal with Henderson Watches - which is one of the UK's leading international watch wholesalers and retailers for licensed brand watches - was handled by Eaglecrown, the art agency representing Jacobson's work in the UK and international markets.

"Linda's floral designs are appealing to customers because they are so cheerful and bright," said Sue Bateman, licensing manager at Eaglecrown.

In addition to the watch deals with JK Henderson, Eaglecrown also secured a greetings card deal for Jacobson's art work, with products sold in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

"We are promoting Linda's bright flower designs to textile, apparel and canvas clients," Bateman added. "We also have great hopes of finding a homeware licence."


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