AT New Media revs up licensing plans for Carmageddon

Controversial video games property to be presented at Brand Licensing Europe.
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With a new video game due in 2012, AT New Media is looking to move Carmageddon into the licensing space, signing up to become the merchandise agent for the brand.

The firm has already opened discussions with a number of potential partners and will be showcasing the property at Brand Licensing Europe.

First released in the late 1990s, the franchise created something of a media storm due to its violent content. Carmageddon Reincarnation will launch next year.

"As digital licensing specialists, with a growing merchandising department, we are always looking to represent the hottest brands in the gaming sector and Carmageddon certainly fits the bill," said AT New Media's Simon Kay. "We will be using the huge amount of recognition surrounding the brand to build up a strong merchandise licensing programme covering not just the new title, but significantly, the original as well."

Neil Barnden, executive director and co-founder of developer Stainless Games, added: "While we concentrate our efforts on writing the code that propels vehicles into each other at high speed, and invent hilarious new ways to dispatch our hapless in-game victims, we do so knowing that the brand's merchandising is in the best hands possible with our partners AT New Media."


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