Beat goes on for Aardman

New set of music-loving characters to launch on teen social networking site Bebo.
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Aardman and Digital Outlook Studios have joined forces to co-produce a set of music-loving characters for teens, which launch on social networking site Bebo today.

The JellyBeats are a collection of jellyfish, each one representing a different musical genre. The characters dance, talk and swim in the style of their musical preference.

Targeted at 14 to 18 year-olds, the first phase is launched today (March 12th) and will consist of 16 characters.

Alongside the launch and presence on Bebo, the JellyBeats have a dedicated website featuring film shorts, free downloads, an iTunes live feed to the top five tunes in each JellyBeats genre and a gadget which can be placed into most online social environments.

The Bebo launch, meanwhile, will feature a JellyBeats application called What's Your Beat?, where users can choose their favourite character and feature it on their page. There will also be a dedicated interactive JellyBeats profile with discussion boards, polls and photo gallery.

"We want the audience to get to know the JellyBeats, use them and fall in love - so it makes sense to start this online, where they can engage with the characters," said Jens Bachem, MD of Digital Outlook Studios.

"Once the characters have become part of the everyday and their potential has been established with the audience, we will work together with both on and offline partners to generate revenue and further develop the franchise."

Aardman's head of broadcast, Miles Bullough, added: "When we came up with the characters we soon realised that they needed to launch online, so teaming up with Digital Outlook has been a very rewarding collaboration for us."


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