Best kids' shows revealed

New poll sees Grange Hill and The Muppet Show voted amongst the greatest ever children's TV programmes.
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A new survey carried out by OnePoll has revealed the greatest ever children's TV shows.

Grange Hill topped the list - weeks after it was axed by the BBC for 'ceasing to be relevant' to today's children.

A number of licensed properties were featured in the survey of 5,000 users. The Muppet Show (pictured) was voted number two, followed by Tom & Jerry, Bagpuss and The Magic Roundabout.

Dangermouse, Scooby-Doo, Inspector Gadget, The Flintstones and Wacky Races made up the rest of the top ten.

"There are a string of classics among the top 20 but Grange Hill quite rightly came first," said OnePoll spokesperson John Sewell.


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