BKN reveals film plans

Two new movies based on Zorro and Dork Hunter properties on the way.
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BKN has revealed that it will deliver two new films based on its successful properties Zorro: Generation Z and Dork Hunters from Outer Space.

Zorro and Scarlet Whip: Revealed and Dork Hunters and the Pirates of Tortuga Island will both be 80 minutes long and be available for television licence and for DVD release later in 2008.

"The Dork Hunters property will launch with GMTV in the UK and RTL II in Germany, followed by many other quality broadcasters and a major toy line from UK-based Character Group," said Nicola Andrews, MD of BKN New Media.

"This new Dork Hunters and the Pirates of Tortuga Island feature will further connect the storyline to kids and engage in more adventure."

Laura Tapias, MD of BKN New Media, added: "Zorro and Scarlet Whip: Revealed follows the already produced and announced Zorro - Return to the Future film and continues our investment in this great property.

"Many markets will launch this year such as TVE/Clan TV and Telecinco in Spain and Star TV in Greece and Record TV in Brasil, while other key markets will launch in 2009, including Mediaset in Italy."


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