BLE 2013: Zodiak Kids CP Paris and Hachette in publishing deal for Lolirock

Lolirock novels, activity books, stationary, and e-books scheduled to land on shelves in November 2014
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Zodiak Kids CP Paris and Hachette Jeunesse have agreed a publishing deal for brand new girls property Lolirock.

Lolirock is a TV show produced by Zodiak Kids company Marathon Media for France Televisions and Disney Channel in France.

The deal will result in a range of Lolirock novels, activity books, stationary,and e-books scheduled to land on shelves in November 2014 following its launch on France Televisions.

Christine Foulquies, editorial director at Hachette Jeunesse Licensing said: “We are all delighted, here at Hachette, to be the French publisher of the new Marathon-produced Lolirock series.

"It is a wonderfully inspiring property and we hope to reiterate the amazing success story of Totally Spies.”

The Hachette publishing deal is a first for the new property which launched at BLE this year.

“Hachette has been the home of so many girls publishing successes, including our own Totally Spies," said Patricia de Wilde, senior vice president at Zodiak Kids CP Paris.

"To have such a great partner investing in Lolirock is a very good omen for the future fame of our Lolirock girls.”

Aimed at six to 12 year olds,Lolirock follows the journey of Iris, a teenager who joins girl band Lolirock and enters a 'new world of music, mystery and magical powers'.


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