Born and raised in El Salvador, Emma Schonenberg was creative at an early age. She majored in graphic design at university and before receiving her degree, she started pursuing a design career with advertising and apparel companies.
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Schonenberg worked as head of product development for a large candle manufacturer for six years. Her unique and trend driven designer collections were distributed through major retail chains in the United States and Europe.

M.ily Designs was set up by Schonenberg in 2006. The company creates surface designs for a range of industries. Its products are trend and customer-focused and Emma strives to respond creatively and effectively to her clients' needs.

M.ily's coordinated collections result from close collaboration between designer, client and inspiration.

2008 will be the first year M.ily has exhibited at BLE, although Schonenberg displayed her work with designer’s portfolios through an export programme she works in last year.

She says: “I did notice there was little, almost no presence of surface designs, which is what I do... But one of our neighbours was showing a lot of surface patterns. I spoke to her and asked why she showed at Brand Licensing versus other shows I knew of in the US and she told me that Brand Licensing Europe was much better for her.

“I do feel my designs will be better accepted in Europe and also, the size of Brand Licensing is just perfect for me. I am a small company and love the idea of growing with the show.”

Currently, M.ily Designs is working with a range of licensees in the US, designing various collections for party design companies, over 20 collections for a digital scrapbooking company and general packaging for a range of different firms.

American Paper Crafts magazine has also used Schonenberg’s designs to create projects and published them in the December 07/January 08 and the June/July 08 issues.

M.ily Designs will be exhibiting patterns, patterns and more patterns at the show this year to show how versatile the designs are.

Schonenberg explains: “Our main goal is to get European customers. I would just love customers that produce wallpaper, gift wrapping paper and someone from the scrapbook industry.”

BLE will be the only licensing show that M.ily Designs will exhibit at for the remainder of 2008.


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