The artist and creator of Magic All will exhibit for the first time at BLE this year.
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Zeina Mroueh (stand AD26) established herself as an independent magic designer in 2005.

She had been working as a designer for a range of companies in various fields, so had the opportunity to design inspiring characters for many purposes.

Mroueh explains: "As everyone should benefit from such advancement [of magic in design], licensing seams to be the most appropriate procedure to share the treasure."

Thus, Mroueh recently introduced her 20 series of characters to Hussein Ftouni, the CEO of Copyright Licensing, who saw the potential of the designs and is now acting as the licensing agent for the brand.

Copyright Licensing is representing of seven series. All the new properties are collected under the name of Magic All, Gabrielle Fourny, Marine Wimalachandra and David Viegas. They are now known as part of The Magic People and will all be on show at BLE.

Also on September 29th, Zeina Mroueh will be welcoming the Magician Sebastian Hunt from The Magic Circle of London to promote the brand.


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