Cbeebies commissions Let's Play from The Foundation

New pre-school series to encourage creative role play and dressing up.
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Cbeebies has commissioned Zodiak Kids' production company, The Foundation, to produce a new pre-school series called Let's Play.

The 26x11-minute episodes will encourage children to explore the magic of play through dressing up, role play and pretending to be just about anybody.

Presented by Cbeebies favourite, Sid Sloane, and an as yet unconfirmed new female presenter, each episode of Let's Play will see them embark on an adventure in an animated world where they take on the role of a colourful character.

"Let's Play joins a distinguished line of programmes, including Mister Maker Comes to Town and Waybuloo, which fire children's imaginations and inspire them to be creative and active," said Vanessa Hill, MD of The Foundation.

Kay Benbow, Cbeebies controller, added: "One of Cbeebies' core values is to encourage children to explore the world around them through play. Let's Play will encourage our viewers to delve into their dressing up boxes, as well as their imaginations to learn about life by transforming themselves into whoever they want to be."

Let's Play will be filmed in summer 2012 for transmission on Cbeebies later in the year.


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