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We delve a bit deeper into the German Licensing agency.
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Celebrities Entertainment started life in 2003 with a client that it still holds and which inspired its name - Signatures Network. This firm encompasses music acts like Kiss, The Who, Madonna, Def Leppard and many more.

Ulf Vespermann, MD explains: "Right away we focused on brands, trademarks, celebrities and properties, which target a young adult consumer.

"This way we want to differentiate ourselves from the vast majority of agencies that focus on kids themes. In the first three years, it was myself only and we have gradually grown in the last three years."

Vespermann had a strong background in licensing before setting the company up with 15+ years of senior level experience in brand licensing. His background includes senior level positions with the Walt Disney Company, both in the German and the European regional office, as well as with EM.TV & Merchandising AG.

Staying with the theme of young adult brands, perhaps the company's most successful licence so far has been the Playboy brand. Vespermann says: "Playboy was able to position itself as a fashion brand with it’s consumers, a young tween audience."

Despite a difficult economic climate in 2009, the firm had a good year and were able to generate the same revenue as 2008. Vespermann is looking to grow the overall revenue by around 25 per cent in 2010 and take on new long-term properties to the portfolio.

He continues: "Our goal is to further extend into brand licensing; trying to get the rights to some fashion labels and preferably to a cosmetic brand."

Celebrities Entertainment currently splits its properties between itself and its subsidiary, CE Global Brand Advisors. While Celebrities Entertainment kept the original properties, the company will in the future focus on celebrities (Music Artists, Actors, Chefs) and entertainment properties.

CE Global Brand Advisors, the Swiss entity will then focus on brands, trademarks and brand advisory.


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