Chorion bags Horrible games deal

Slitherine Strategies to develop Horrible Histories video game on PC and Nintendo's DS and Wii systems.
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Chorion is continuing to build the licensing programme for Scholastic's Horrible Histories, with Slitherine Strategies signing up to produce video games on PC and Nintendo's DS and Wii devices.

The deal, which was brokered by AT Brands, will mean the games are ready for release in time for spring 2009.

"The Horrible Histories books offer a wealth of written and illustrative material for Slitherine to work with and bring the brand to life off the page," said Zoe Upcraft, licensing manager at Chorion.

"This interactive deal complements the TV deal agreed last year between Scholastic and Lion TV. Lion TV will produce 13 live action episodes broadcast by the BBC next spring."

Lisa Edwards, editorial director for non-fiction and licensed properties, added: "Slitherine are experts in historical computer gaming and we are delighted to have found the right home for our brand. Die-hard Horrible Histories fans have been waiting for an exciting gaming extension of the brand - and if we can attract children who are primarily gamers to the books then that will indeed be a bonus."

Marco Minoli, director of marketing at Slitherine, continued: "Extending our line-up of interactive games based on History to new frontiers is our main objective. This is a great opportunity to show how we are able to work with such a powerful property."



Since going private last year, Chorion has quietly been building up its portfolio. Now it is ready to shout from the rooftops about its forthcoming line-up, which includes more Noddy activity, as well as the launch of Mr Men and Famous Five projects.

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