Classic Media reveals new Middle East & Africa deals

New deals will provide more than 225 hours of programming to TV, home entertainment and IPTV partners.
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Classic Media has secured a raft of agreements throughout the Middle East and Africa.

225 hours of family programming have been secured for shows including Tinga Tinga Tales (pictured), Life with Boys, Guess with Jess and Postman Pat.

Tinga Tinga Tales has been picked up by SABC (South Africa), Citizen TV (Kenya) and Multimesh (Ghana), while Life with Boys has been acquired by Nickelodeon (Pan-Africa) and Noga in Israel.

A range of deals have also been secured for pre-school series Guess with Jess including ATV's children's channel Minika (Turkey), Kazakhstan TV's Balapan, as well as VOD rights with Integral across the Middle East. The firm has also acquired Postman Pat series three to eight and 3-2-1 Penguins for its service.


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