Consumer products growth for Disney in Q2

Improvements at US Disney Stores, plus strength of Tangled and Toy Story help growth.
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The Walt Disney Company has reported its financial results for its second fiscal quarter, ending April 2nd 2011.

The firm's consumer products division reported an increase of five per cent on revenues for the period to $626 million, while the segment operating income increased seven per cent to $142 million - improvements at the Disney Store North America and merchandise licensing were offset by a decrease in publishing.

The increase at the Disney Store US was primarily due to comparable store sales growth and improved margins, reflecting the strength of Tangled and Toy Story merchandise.

Improved merchandise licensing results again reflected the strong performance of Tangled, as well as Cars.

For the six months ending April 2nd, the company as a whole reported revenues of $19.8 billion, an increase of eight per cent on the previous year.


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